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148 The LEFT Show – KRAKOOM!



Utah Democratic Party Gives Data Access to Republican Candidate
We’re All Going To Die
Holy Fukushima – Radiation From Japan Is Already Killing North Americans
West Valley Days – Life in Winderville 
DA faults West Valley City cops in killing of Danielle Willard
Dirty Cops Raised Hell, Family Says
Sim Gill and Chad Bennion
From India to District Attorney; Sim Gill fights for Salt Lake County
Remark about Sim Gill’s Indian heritage draws condemnation
Salt Lake County GOP head blasted prosecutor hours after losing trial
Letter: Offensive politicizing
The 9 Weirdest Facts About Boobs
To Review Her Lady Parts Instead Of Her Music? She Responded Awesomely.
Gun Stuff 
Australia Is An Example Of Effective Gun Control. America Is An Example Of Ignoring Australia.
3D printed rifle is back, now shoots without breaking
Gunman practicing his aim in backyard shoots neighbor’s seven-year-old girl as she played in her swimming pool
Geronimo Narciso, Truck Driver Dies After Accidentally Shooting Off Own Penis
GOP is the GOP of GOPing
36 Senators Introduce Bill Prohibiting Virtually Any New Law Helping Workers
Top North Carolina Republican: State Schools Superintendent ‘Should Stick To Her Own Knitting’
Predatory New Limbaugh Sponsor Scams the Elderly
AND YET – Tony Abbott unveils controversial maternity leave scheme
UPDATED! UPDATE! Tea Party Crowd Cheers as Tenn. Rep. Rejects Brave Little Girl’s Request
Christ’s Corner
If you’re a Christian American who discriminates, you suck at being Christian…and American