From the genius Highlands of Scotland, 10,000 years ago, to Mike Lee showing startling proof that evolution is NOT equal across the board; From Star Trek and NASA to the Satanic Temple; From The LEFT Show’s GOP Jesus Wanker of the Week to a fresh, new The Sidetrack, with Jason Williams: This is The LEFT Show with J.M. Bell, Forrest Shaw, JC Carter, and Ultimate Bob Easton.

We’re back on our feet, a little bit shaky, but getting stronger everyday! Thanks again to Daniel and Brett!

145 The LEFT Show – We Is Risen!


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Scotland lunar-calendar find sparks Stone Age rethink
GOP debunked: ‘Obama phone’ does not exist, program started in 2008 under Bush
UTAH is the WORST! 
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Mike Lee is only Republican in Senate to oppose student loan deal
Congress Will Keep Senators’ Tax Reform Wishes Secret—for 50 Years
Tyche, Giant Hidden Planet, May Exist In Our Solar System
NASA starts building faster-than-light warp engine
The Satanic Temple Performs Same-Sex Ceremony At Westboro Baptist Church Leaders Family Gravesite
Virginia Gubernatorial Candidate Wants to Outlaw Oral Sex
Fox News Anchor Dumbfounded That A Muslim Wrote A Book About Jesus
The South Sucks 
2 naked women caught swimming in ocean in Myrtle Beach, police say