Tomorrow, July 4th, 2013, is the 2nd Anniversary of J.M. Bell’s The LEFT Show with Forrest Shaw, JC Carter, Jason Williams, Robert Easton, and the ghost of Sgt Jake. You have here a special episode of The LEFT Show … the first one. The very first. Shitty microphones, new board, confused hosts … a sickeningly sweet introduction from the guy who acts like an asshole all the time. It’s a train wreck … and I give it to you. Happy Birthday America!

142a The LEFT Show RETRO Onan Sauce


Here’s the intro from this episode:

This is the first pre-launch episode of The LEFT Show – think of it – if you will – as one of those pre-season Football games that used to get me preempted when I did this on mainstream radio. They can be very entertaining, but, alas, they don’t count toward the national ranking … or some more accurate sports analogy. You get the picture.

A quick warning – there’s a few little swears in here – it is, after all, a bunch of callus, jaded and embittered grown-ups talking about the world we live in, so … If you feel like sending me a letter telling me that there’s curse words – I already know (a bunch of them are mine).