Tanner Tuttle takes a shot at redemption as he joins J.M. Bell, Forrest and Robert once again on a very, very somber (if still silly) episode of The LEFT Show. We finally get to cover all the news we missed last week due to the important telling of fetus masturbation jokes. Look … who else is going to miss a giant Texas filibuster to give you Womb Liberation humor? No one else, that’s who.

142 The LEFT Show – Now With FLAVOR!



Supreme Court
Supreme Court Bolsters Gay Marriage With Two Major Rulings http://nyti.ms/18nUxZX
Gay marriage opponents ask Supreme Court to reimpose California ban http://reut.rs/18nUHQT
Supreme Court Bombshell: No Right to Remain Silent  http://bit.ly/18nUld6
Supreme Court’s Voting Rights Act decision misses history http://wapo.st/18nUv4b
So, then …
Texas AG Abbott says voter ID law will ‘take effect immediately’  http://bit.ly/12d7UVk
Mississippi Moving Ahead With Voter ID, Too http://bit.ly/12d7Vsn
To Begin – Texas Legislator Claims Rape Kits Prevent Pregnancy During Marathon Legislative Sessionhttp://bit.ly/12d8cvf
Wendy Davis’s Abortion Filibuster Brings Laughter from Republicans, and History to Capitolhttp://bit.ly/12d8ani
After State’s 500th Execution, Perry Pushes Anti-Abortion Bill Because ‘Texans Value Life’http://bit.ly/12d9dn2
Rick Perry Calls Second Special Session To Pass Abortion Restrictions http://huff.to/12d9bvE
Texas’ Perry tries mansplaining abortion to Wendy Davis http://on.msnbc.com/12d9kz0
Oh, and, by the way!
Bible: Life begins at first breath http://bit.ly/12d9zKr
#1 – Getting Rid Of Sex Ed Because ‘Mankind Has Existed For A Long Time’ Without Ithttp://bit.ly/12d9ma6
#2 – Gohmert: Same Sex Marriage Ruling Could Be ‘the End of a Great Civilization’ http://bit.ly/12d9qXp
Legislator Blocks Openly Gay Colleague From Speaking About DOMA, Cites ‘God’s Law’http://bit.ly/12da5bq
Arizona Republicans Propose Bill That Would Not Allow Atheists To Graduate High Schoolhttp://bit.ly/12d9vuf
Utahns react with questions: What happens next? http://bit.ly/12d9XZx
Worker Sues Employer For The Death Of Her Baby http://bit.ly/12da0oj
LGBT Groups Issue Joint Condemnation of Supreme Court Decision to Strike Down Voting Rights Acthttp://bit.ly/12da33i
Gilbert Gottfried Delivers Walter White’s Iconic ‘Breaking Bad’ Monologue http://bit.ly/12dahHy
Scientists create Star Trek-like deflector shield for radiation http://bit.ly/12daivd