“Blows cleanse away evil, and beatings purge the innermost parts,” said Onan, with an eyebrow waggle.

Mississippi and Texas are instituting a Poll Tax on the same day that the SCrOTUS went and gutted the Voting Rights Act. When you get arrested for protesting institutionalized and now government sanctioned discrimination, you no longer have the Right to Remain Silent, again thanks to SCrOTUS. I have no hope, no optimism, for tomorrow, in particular, and a lot of the tomorrows to come.

As I write this, the heroic Sen Wendy Davis of Texas spent nearly 13 hours filibustering a #GOPwow bill in the Texas legislature, only, it seems, to have the TX GOP pretend to pass the bill bill anyway.

We, at The LEFT Show, JM Bell, Forrest, Ultimate Bob, and Melissa Merlot, pre-recorded this episode, so, while all this history is happening … we’re talking about animal buggery and fetus masturbation. So, there’s that.

141 The LEFT Show – He Bob, She Bob, We Bop

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