Melissa Merlot is BACK! AND she says she’s happy to be added to the rotating guest list. What do you think folks? I’m excited! So … there was some news, and we talk about it. JM, Forrest, and Ultimate Bob, with Merlot! Pretty simple system, really.




For the first time, scientists have grown the embryos of an extinct species
Podcasting Community Faces Patent Troll Threat; EFF Wants to Help
The “Podcast Patent” Dispute
Teen HPV Rates Were Cut In Half After The Vaccine Went Public
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Apologies Instead of Action
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This week in Gay
Blogger Hints That U.S. Congressman Will Be Outed as Gay Soon
ALEX SENT – Louie Gohmert discusses his sexual orientation … at work!
Rush Limbaugh Married 4 Times, Links Gay Marriage To Pedophilia
‘Ex-Gay’ Group Exodus International To Close And Become ‘Reduce Fear’ Ministry