Sometimes you find bad things where once there were bright and shiny things. Sometimes you go back to a place – or a figurative, but not literal, time – you once loved, and certain fondnesses are found long discarded and crumbling: forgotten and abandoned. Sometimes …

Sometimes memory is just a total liar. The brain can not be trusted!

JC Carter and Forrest Shaw joined me – the loveable JM Bell – in the studio to kick around Attorney John General Swallow and a few other wingers of various colors and extremes. It’s a lot of fun! Listen in!

138 The LEFT Show – Podcast Excellence-ish!


Closing Hymn (I’m obsessed by this singer)

Here, my little dinky dos, are your links:

Swallow Files … 
Swallow reaching out to lawmakers who may be asked to impeach
John Swallow lawyers: Impeachment proceedings not justified
Gov. Herbert says he would have fired Swallow by now, Swallow responds
BREAKING: Swallow to the Utah Legislature: Impeaching Me Would Be Illegal
Utah Supreme Court Rulings Say NOT Illegal to ImpeachJohn Swallow
Speaker Lockhart Sends 4th Email To Legislators On Impeachment
GOPper Files #GOPwow
GOP: Rape Is Just Nature’s Way of Keeping Women Out of Military
GOP Congressman: Pregnancy Rate From Rape Is ‘Very Low’
Maine GOPer: Men’s Brains More Concerned About Health Costs
Larry Flynt ‘Never Met a Republican Who Wasn’t… in His Heart a Racist’