126 The LEFT Show – Plus One!

Well, shit, folks. Last week sucked. Out Loud! This week looks poised to join in the pile-on. Just a quick heads up before the intro and the links – CALL YOUR CONGRESSCRITTER TODAY! CISPA is set to pass while everyone os looking the other way. Get on the damn phone, the twitter, and the Facebook. Even MySpace. Help stop it.

Now – Ernie Gamonal joined JC, Forrest, and myself (JM Bell) in my glorious studio, and, while he wasn’t as pretty an last week’s guest, was quite funny and had a hat.

Here’s your links, ’cause Jason is AWOL again this week.

New Zealand Lawmakers Pass Same-Sex Marriage Law  http://n.pr/17PiS8W
West Texas Plant Told The EPA It Had ‘No Risk’ For Explosion  http://bit.ly/17Pjbk2
Majority Of Americans Not Informed Enough To Stereotype Chechens http://onion.com/17PineW
The Shitheads On The Loose http://bit.ly/17PikzI
Why Should I Care That No One’s Reading Dzhokhar Tsarnaev His Miranda Rights? http://slate.me/17Pip6H
Lindsey Graham Does Not Care For Stupid Constitutional Rights If Bad People Get To Have Themhttp://bit.ly/17PhSBA
Lindsey Graham Calls For Boston Bombing Suspect To Be Held As ‘Enemy Combatant’ http://huff.to/17Pi18f
During Standoff, Congressman Tweets Global Warming Joke About Boston Bombing Suspect  http://bit.ly/17Pi6bT
KSL – Dead Boston bombing suspect boxed in Utah Golden Gloves tournament http://bit.ly/17Pi8At
Fox’s Kilmeade Blames Obama’s Middle East Policy For Boston Marathon Bombings http://bit.ly/17PilDR
A Nice Thing Patton Oswalt Wrote After The Boston Marathon Bombing  http://deadsp.in/17Pj4VD

GOP Jesus Wanker of the Week

Candidate #1 – ‘Family’ Group Co-Opts Tragedy To Oppose ‘Sexual Liberalism’  http://bit.ly/17PiY0i
Candidate #2 – Ohio Catholic High School Fires Gay Teacher For Mother’s Obituary http://bit.ly/17PiWW7