#118 The LEFT Show Utah The Musical

Holy Buckets! It’s The LEFT Show’s annual Utah’s General Legislative Session Watch Party. As we start the last week of the Utah 2013 Session, Bob Easton, JC Carter, Forrest Shaw, and JM Bell gather to share all the wackiness that culminates in this last week! It’s so important, I’m just going to give you the links, with no more snark.

Does daylight saving time cost Utahns money? Study says yes http://bit.ly/13NL23v
The Worst-Paying Cities for Women http://bit.ly/Y3WdOM
Does governor lack respect for Utah voters? http://bit.ly/Y3W3GW
Video of former A. G. Mark Shurtleff to be used against company http://bit.ly/Y3W7GR
Utah lawmakers kill sex-ed for parents bill http://bit.ly/Y3WcKD
Utah lawmakers kill preschool bill for at-risk children http://bit.ly/13NIBxS
Sad failure – At-risk kids denied preschool help – http://bit.ly/Y0k2ZX
Senate OKs bill to restore gun rights to formerly mentally ill http://bit.ly/13NId2l
Urquhart: Utah needs anti-discrimination law http://bit.ly/13NKPxc
Utah bill against anti-gay bias runs without support of Mormon church http://bit.ly/13NKUks
Peg McEntee: Why do legislators want to deny people health care? http://bit.ly/13NLfnm
GOP lawmakers jump to reject Medicaid expansion http://bit.ly/Y3WjWG
No, Obamacare Won’t Actually Force Employers To Drop Health Coverage For Their Workers  http://bit.ly/13NIiTR
Utah Medicaid Expansion by the numbers http://bit.ly/13NIrH1
Hospital-backed bill would rein in Utah’s Medicaid cop http://bit.ly/13NIDWA
Not-For-Profit Hospitals Make Billions and Provide Little Charity Care http://bit.ly/13NItP4