Christian Coleman is back with Jeff, JC, and Forrest in the studio again.

FREEDOM! We spend a few moments in the greatest country of all timeScotland! – talking about their independence movement, and how you, too, can be a Scottish Laird. Pre-School is freaking out the GOP, and, Holy Buckets, there is one totally boneheaded Democrat in Colorado!

UTAH NEWS! Parents tell their powerful stories to a room of sleeping Utah lawmakers, and former Hatch Foe Dan Liljenquist says it’s time for Swallow to resign or be impeached – he must have heard that episode back in September of 2012 when The LEFT Show scooped the local news by, what was it now … SEVERAL MONTHS. A Mormon went crazy, then more Mormons went crazy and, all like Jesus, are threatening to kill someone. 2013’s inevitable Utah abortion bill is making the rounds up on the Hill and Jeff takes a few moments to talk about words, how important they are, and how, in his humble opinion, thinks that Matthew Sanders of the Deseret News is a silly, fatuous chicken lad who thinks that feelings are more important than facts. 

All this and more!

#115 The LEFT Show

The LEFT Show