We gather once again, my friends, to raise our glasses into the air and toast ourselves on how witty, pretty, and spry we all are. Right? Well, not so much. Jamie continues his finger pointing and voice yelling with Jake, Forrest, and Jeff.

We start where we left off on Monday, talking about political double standards and Jeff’s Outrage Fatigue ©®™ – 9 things you may not have known about the clitoris, Jesus gets upset about bigotry in the South, and Dick Cheney is still concentrated evil.

There’s Gun News of several different varieties, and Simon Pegg has been holding the bong too long. Zack Kopplin gets a trophy (good for him!), Facebook gets a HUGE tax rebate, The GOPpers hate poor people, and Senator Warren gives bankers a little butthurt.

By the way, I’m totally aware that we mixed up the bigot high school teacher story with the creationist middle school teacher story. It was all loud and yelly in here.

#113 The LEFT Show Podcast


Closing Hymn