04 January, 2013

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The LEFT Show’s Centennial Episode Is Imminent!

Utah’s Favorite* Counter Culture Podcast Hits Mostly Symbolic Milestone

WEST JORDAN, UT – Award Winning** podcast The LEFT Show is about to pass a significant, if totally arbitrary, number of episodes. After 99 episodes of “what station is that on?” questions by people who should know better, The LEFT Show is overly proud to hyper-actively call attention to themselves by hopping up and down and pointing at the number 100!

Shortly after being “let go” from KSL NewsRadio for failing to find the uplifting side*** of stories like Sen. Killpack’s DUI and Rep. Garn’s hot tub scandal, J.M. Bell brought together a group of diverse, yet strangely homogeneous, friends to talk about the world, politics, American culture, and sci-fi movies free from FCC restrictions on language and content.

Widely credited as responsible for the re-election of Vice President Joe Biden****, The LEFT SHOW has evolved from a weekly recording of angry rants to a beacon of hope and goodness on the internet. Each week, buckets full of normal mortals become free thinking citizens of the world by downloading The LEFT Show from J.M. Bell, Jake Winegar, JC Carter, Jason Williams, and Forrest Shaw invite you to see what all the fuss is about by downloading The LEFT Show Episode 100 on January 7, 2013.

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“The Left Show, a weekly self-produced podcast that takes the piss out of conservative politics, local and national, with equal parts vitriol and comedy, making for an hour-plus “radio” show (complete with swear jar) somewhere between The Daily Show and Real Time With Bill Maher.”

SL City Weekly March 2012

* This is probably not a true statement at this time.
** City Weekly Best of Utah 2012, Editor’s Choice
*** That’s what he was told, at any rate.
**** This is just not true.

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