The downward spiral (in content) continues! Jeff, Jake, Jon, and Forrest are joined in studio by Alex Cragun from SLUG Magazine, who bears witness to yet another screwy, out of control episode. This Monday show feels like a Wednesday show … which should excite you for Wednesday’s show!

We begin with the sad stuff that quickly runs to anger and arguments. Helped by Bryan Fisher from the American Family Association and his asshat comments; Rupert Murdoch, and his startling comments; and the Rock Hill Herald just screws up in a massive EpicFail.

Gun Control beats Texas secession on the White House petition site, but, folks also want a giant Star Wars Death Star, so, for all our faults and horror, some Americans are still pretty awesome. Hostess CEO’s proudly admit to raiding pension funds before their Cut-N-Run; Senator Al Franken is the BESTEST; Romney Watch 2012 has yet ANOTHER epilogue, and one young man in California is a stand up guy!

All this and MORE!

#96 The LEFT Show Donkey Punching