I don’t know why, but sometimes I wonder just what the hell the point of it all is. Really. Then Sunday rolls around and I get to goof off with my friends. Takes a bit of the sting out of life, you know?

So – for Wednesday’s show, we discovered that pouring hot sauce on a prisoner’s private bits … not allowed. I mean, who knew, right? Didn’t George W show us the way on stuff like that? Speaking of cops, it looks like, in spite of all the right wing white people saying so, racism isn’t dead, but, white cops are trying to kill – well, kill.

Sens Mike Lee and Orrin Hatch vote against making the rest of the world behave like Americans … yup – you read that right. It’s either that they’re stupid, or just hate disabled people. Or both. I’m going to lean to both.

#95 – The LEFT Show – Podcast