#94 The LEFT Show Podcast

Monday’s show is fun … in the way that colonoscopies are sometimes fun …. you know, when they’re done in a recreational way … I don’t know, Jake said he loves them and wishes he could have one everyday (and yes, he stood us up at the last minute again).

JC Carter from Hold 322 and Forrest Shaw from Tiger Beat join JM Bell in the studio this week to talk about why the mainstream media is just absolutely awful and deserves a mighty taint punch for sucking so very much.

Rep. Issa joins the short, short list of GOP Congress-critters to do something kinda smart, even though it’ll get in the way of something the other one is doing. Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Bikini Bottom) fights his ultimate foe … Himself. RomneyWatch 202, Epilogue #22 and yet another racist Republican.

All this and more!