Forrest and Jeff were joined by BFF of the Show, Robert Easton due, in part, to Bob being a great guy and JC and Jake being insensitive ass-clowns who think that letting me know they won’t be there at the last minute is somehow an acceptable way of displaying “adult behavior”. Whatever.

Then again, they ARE my favorite Ass Clowns.

Speaking of ass clowns, Florida Republicans ADMITTED that Voter Suppression was their key goal this year. They admitted it. With happy faces and proud smiles, yet there will still be Republican friends who say it isn’t true. Oh, and, Florida wouldn’t let Christian Slater vote, because they basically said he wasn’t who he said he was … his Own Worst Enemy, I guess, except Florida.

Republicans are already lying about the fiscal cliff, Malkin still hasn’t figured out what it means when you win an election, Costco is the bestest ever, Jason Chaffetz does something NOT evil, or stupid, or dumb, and, most importantly, do not drink the weepy Jesus water. 

#92 The LEFT Show Podcast