To say that this episode is anything other than a glorious mess would be … well, as dishonest as a Romney talking point.

Jake, Forrest and J.M. Bell gather again in the Defenestrate Broadcast Network studio to kick ass and chew bubble-gum. There was a lot of bubble-gum. Good news for a change, you know, if you’re into that sort of thing – Emily Blunt might be playing Ms. Marvel in the next Avengers movie – and there was great rejoicing. Oh, and some brilliant lunatic named ‘Fearless Felix’ Baumgartner, jumped out of a wee box in space and did a supersonic sky dive – and lived.

America’s first black president had a few things to say about Mittens Romney, while the idiocy of Rep. Jason Chaffetz is both loud and on television. Zero-tolerance for zero-tolerance is discussed and the GOP picks another class act in Arkansas.

All this and more …

#81 – The LEFT Show Podcast