Another new The LEFT Show with Sgt. Jake, Forrest and JM Bell!

This episode starts with an interesting note on the Mark Crockett for Salt Lake County Mayor’s race. It’s important to match your self narrative with, you know, some facts. JM went to the Equality Utah Allies Dinner and basically watched what a successful effort looks like (bonus: the chicken was tasty).

Joe Scarborough has a tasty reaction to Mitt Romney and the GOP’s War on Women, according to the Akin Campaign, is all going according to plan. The GOP, in a “funny in a sad way” twist, spends 3.1 MILLION on voter registration fraud – because “that’s just fine unless you get caught at it” ™ © ® The GOP 1864 – 2012

Jason Williams returns with a new Bat Sh@t Crazy about 3rd Party Voting.

All this and more!

#77 The LEFT Show Podcast