It’s the POWER TRIO of Sgt. Jake, Forrest and J.M. Bell, bringing you all the best of international smooth jazz … or something BETTER!

First of all – Happy Birthday, Occupy! You don’t smell a day over 6 months! This week we introduce a brand new segment called: SCIENCE! It’s about the Oxford comma. The Right Wingers who built the video that lit the Middle East on fire (again) tried to pin it on the Jews … ’cause that’s apparently what it means to be a Republican these days. Orrin Hatch is really excited about welfare – kinda – and the GOP’s War On Women takes on a newer and uglier (yup) shade of terror.

Fmr. Governor (and sane Republican) Jon Huntsman spoke out on Mitt Romney’s disastrous handle on everything that isn’t an American Country Club and, going to the deep tracks, his energy policy will set the world on fire.

All this and more!

#73 – The LEFT Show Podcast