JM Bell and Forrest are joined by Bob Henline, columnist for Q-Salt Lake to, finally, get this done!

First, we spend a few minutes with the handsome, talented, and insightful Dave Grohl from the Foo Fighters to talk about the danger of Nickleback and how you can best protect your children and family from this, the most dangerous, Canadian menace.

Rep. Steve King (R-Shitwit) is back with another addition to his greatest hits album, namely immigrants; and the GOPpers are now pitching life imprisonment for victims of rape in this week’s The GOP War on Women.

Speaking of dangerous Canadians … it looks like the new conservative government up in Canadia isn’t waiting for Uncle Sam to lead the way, they’re going to war with Iran all by themselves, and The LEFT Show’s POTUS Protective Association has two different examples of why Obama is better than the other guy.

Jason took the week off with Jake and Jon, something about a Princess Cruise and friends of Toto. I think.

All this and SCARLET JOHANSSON make me want to be a better voter!

#72 – The LEFT Show PODCAST!