This episode of The LEFT Show is a doozy of its type – Jake, JC, Forrest and Jeff gather in mourning as we lose George Soros to the perils of “traditional marriage,” but we get over it pretty quick with tales of manly prowess and making fun of Rep. Paul Ryan.

We look back at the Bush Administration’s report warning of a rise in Right Wing Violence and Extremism, and the how the GOP got mad at Obama for it … like they do with nearly everything Bush did that didn’t work, or that they don’t like.

Actress Elizabeth Banks drops into the studio to discuss the Presidential election*, The Westboro Babtists get attacked by ZOMBIES! and Chris Hayes tells us about the GOP Plan to violate the rights of millions of Americans at the Voting Booth.

Jason, bless him, is back with a TOP SECRET and super-intelligent Bat Sh@t Crazy.


* No, she doesn’t