Show number two in which pre-recording causes that not-so-fresh feeling. Jake, Forrest and Jeff get started with the Tennessee Democrats and their giant whoopsie in nomination of a REPUBLICAN – sorry, Wackadoodle Crazy Guy.

Sen. Rand Paul gives everyone a serious case of the WTF’s, while Congress goes on vacation without addressing the Drought Relief Bill – kinda, you know, in the way only Congress can not do stuff. Romney says that releasing his taxes for the last decade would really screw him politically, so, no thanks to that and the gents discuss Jenna Jameson’s Romney endorsement.

The LEFT Show’s GOP Jesus Wanker of the Week is back with two particularly hateful and bigoted contestants: The Boy Scouts of America and the The Coalition of African American Pastors.

All this and MORE!

#62 – The LEFT Show Podcast