I was locked in my studio all day, with friends, recording The LEFT Show and HOLD 322, complaining and chest thumping over the news of week, blissfully ignorant of what had happened in Wisconsin. I had the gang out of the house by 9:00pm, fed the kids, and was getting ready to sit down and watch the NASA JPL feed for the Curiosity landing on Mars. I was ready, giddy, and excited – it was the same feeling I used to get as a kid when I’d watch the shuttle launches (I am a NASA groupie).

I didn’t know anything about Wisconsin. I had stuffed Aurora, CO into the back of my head. I was ready for the next step of (the robotic division of) the Human race into the beyond. I was fed, my kids were abed, my day’s work was done, and I went to my office to sit down and watch history.

Some terrorist had opened fire at a Sikh Temple in Wisconsin and killed a bunch of innocent people.

The Curiosity Rover landed on Mars.

From the Sikh Temple in Wisconsin to the surface of Mars … what a strange species we are. The ugliest actions from a member of  the human race to our, that same race; same species – highest and furthest achievement so far – in the same day. The duality … duplicity … the extreme of human behavior is a fuel to my headache tonight. I’m going to go to bed and see if, overnight, just maybe, humanity has tried, in some small way, to unf**k itself so that we can do more of this cool stuff, and have less of the evil, deranged stuff.