Oh, the political games!

It’s likely the President will give the go ahead today for the SOUTHERN leg on the Keystone pipeline to be extended to the gulf coast. He’ll announce it on a campaign stop, and it the process give the GOP part of what they want.. but will the GOP thank him? Will they be indifferent? NO! They’re already in attack mode, proving once again that President Obama can’t do anything they can agree with… not even the things they want

Here’s some truth: More refining in the gulf won’t bring down the price of gas. As of late last year the U.S. began exporting more oil than we import. The tar-sand oil being brought through Keystone is 4/5th’s contracted by foreign nations, the remaining 1/5th by US companies and is set for export. There is little in the way of jobs.

Yes, the GOP is selling America. When the President, for political reasons, gives them a helping hand they bite it. We’re being feed so many lies and unfortunately so many of you believe them. It’s time to wake up America! Corporations are using the GOP to extract wealth and keep us divided.

This Garbage Day average Americans are being taken to the curb. I ask you, are you trash?