First – just to be upfront and all – I totally stole the sounders for this week’s episode from Glove and Boots, my favorite thing ever on the internets. Go forth and enjoy them.

This week’s episode is a doosie! Former Stunt Husband and Bestest Friend of The LEFT Show Ray Mondo joins JC, Forrest and I in the Defenestrate Media Studio to break down and analyse the wacky news of the week.

Brightbart and Limbaugh; Archie Comics and Congressman Bender the Robot; Racist Bigot Sheriff and an all out dumbass attack on the Girl Scouts – This week’s The LEFT Show Jesus of the Week and Jason Williams takes on Democrat Stenny Hoyer for being a total moron.

All this and more on this week’s episode!

#30 The LEFT Show – OUT OF BEER?

The LEFT Show - It's What Patriots Eat For Breakfast


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Candidate #1 – Mormons and the Holocaust
Candidate #2 – Girl Scouts of EVIL!
Candidate #3 – Jesus hates the Minimum Wage
Candidate #4 – Newt Gingrich wants more gay bullying in schools
Candidate #5 – Kirk Cameron is an asshat