Join IATSE and the Central Utah Federation of Labor’s Brian Faulkner as he lays down another cornerstone in The Working Family Agenda.


#14 The Working Family Agenda

Hi, and thanks for checking out this week’s Working Family Agenda, I am Brian Faulkner.

Every so often, we all have one of those moments, where you question, “Did that really just happen?” I think we are having, or about to have one of those moments.

It is by no mere coincidence, we are once again wading into presidential politics, and what has me shaking my head is that moment where one realizes that the smartest person in the room is the satirist.

On this last Thursday’s episode of the Colbert Report, host Steven Colbert transferred control of his Super-PAC, Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow over to fellow Comedy Central icon, Jon Stewart, so that he may “legally” pursue an exploratory committee for seeking nomination for POTUS in his home state of South Carolina.

Now I am a long time fan of both men and both shows. I have always appreciated the humor with which each show mocks the absurdities of the news we are so addicted too.

But we have reached a new level as of Steven Colbert’s appearance on “This Week with George Stephanopolis” I am not here to criticize that show, or point out that G.S. was either over-matched or unprepared for the satire that would come his way.

What has me shaking my head in disbelief is the fact that so many working people buy the satire; HOOK, LINE, and SINKER ….and to a degree, is does the media reporting it. After all, they too are making BIG bucks on the millions of dollars being spent in each of these early primaries. It even makes a decent story.

Let’s be clear, the Citizen’s United decision of the Supreme Court is nothing less than the high-jacking of the electorial process through the financial leverage of the corporate elite, and the humorists are the only ones that are fighting back. Colbert and Stewart have parleyed punch-lines with mockery into the most credible opinions available.

Case in point, is the ad by the Super-PAC, Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow: “Attack in B Minor for Strings”
The ad employ’s John Lithgow as the voice-over, and uses Mitt Romney’s own words to portray him, quite logically as a Serial Killer. And if corporations are people, and each job a little child of the corporation, then Mitt Romney committed genocide on the working people of America.

This week, The Working Family Agenda must, in Mr. Colbert’s own verbage, acknowledge a “Tip O’ the Hat” to Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow for buying just enough free speech to tell the truth.

And if I may be so bold, a “Wag of the Finger” to Mitt Romney, for spreading his “productivity” with every corporate concubine on every corporate junket he has taken. What America needs to know is there are more than 50million bastardized-manufacturing jobs exported thanks to his genocide on jobs and the American worker.

Folks, corporations are NOT people. Citizens United is a very bad thing for 99% of us. Mitt Romney will not lead America forward, he will sell us for our parts to foreign nations, then sell us back all the things we used to make here.

If you miss the way it used to be, Tax a millionaire, support a union, and buy American.