First, to whomever emailed me the invite to this morning’s Romero campaign event – there is a difference between “YOUR” and “YOU’RE” – learn it, use it, love it.

Second, because this is a weird event with odd timing and a strange subject matter, I have to assume that that Sen. Romero is holding this conversation to talk about why he allowed his senate district to be redistricted into extinction because he decided to run for County Mayor – and he’s using Sen. Jones as cover.

Democrats I’ve talked to about redistricting don’t find this abandonment the biggest sin committed by Democrats during the Gerrymander session – with the exception of those that actually lived in Sen. Romero’s district, they’re not happy at all – but at least in the top three.

Anyway … Sens. Romero and Jones are holding a quiet meeting up at the capitol this morning, and, if you have the time, RSVP and go see what they have to say about The 2011 Official Utah GOP Gerrymander and how it impacts folks that lived in old Senate districts 4 and 7.