It’s the Holidays, and just in time for the one with the tree, here is a special Holiday message from the radical brain trust at The LEFT Show. Enjoy, my friends, and Mazel tov!

X-Mas 2011 – The LEFT Show

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Merry Christmas, You Godless Heathens
A GOP Jesus in America Tale.

J.M. Bell

There’s something about Christmas Season that makes the majority of good, God-fearing Republican folks go all sentimental – reveling in nostalgia for happy remembrances, to mourn for the dearly departed, or to build a towering rage against the audacity of the different, the poor and the ethnic.

Merry Christmas?

The War on Christmas– that invisible fiction with which right-wing crazies warm their paranoid narcissism – has readied those who chose anger, hate and bigotry as their festive holiday garb to celebrate the birth of the Prince of Peace, Love and Tolerance – Jesus Christ.

Happy Hanukkah?

The Eight Nights of Hanukkah – The festival of lights – always a stone in the shoe of those who fight on the pretend frontlines against the War on Christmas. They claim to love to children of Israel, but only to perpetuate the Armageddon in their book of Revelations. The Festival of lights is not a celebration of their GOP Jesus – and therefore Happy Holidays remains the coded phrase of the enemy.

Kwanzaa, Maybe?

To new, too confusing, too ethnic. Every good Republican knows that Jesus only loves the descendants of European whites – Why else would he have made South Carolina or Tennessee? Kwanzaa is a festivity for African-Americans to celebrate the season without shame or fear of embracing their history, their culture, and themselves. This is secular and therefore should not be allowed.

When the founders wrote the constitution – their original intent was to form a country that was inclusive for all the people of the world. There were mistakes, and there were missteps but the original intent was clear – America is a place of safety – a land of freedom – a country where the different is free to BE.

There are too many people in this country using a false and hate-thirsty Jesus as a weapon against those that have failed to give genuflection to their bigoted ideology. We have become – against the advice of Franklin Roosevelt – a country ruled by fear.

I have a hard time finding Holiday Spirit – let alone Christmas Cheer – when members of my human family are under attack. I do not care for the Republican tone that Freedom of Religion means freedom for American Right Wing Christians to persecute, target and hate in the name of a of a Christ that they seem unable to respect, let alone worship.

I hope this holiday season, when so may of us seem aware of our better selves, that you can find the courage to stand up to oppression, to fight against bigotry and to embrace that most important of Christian teaching, Do unto others as you would have them do unto you

From the whole family here at the left show, I want to wish you a happy stack of whatever the hell you want to call the holidays.

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