madness |ˈmadnəs|nounthe state of being mentally ill, esp. severely.• extremely foolish behavior : it is madness to allow children to roam around after dark.• a state of frenzied or chaotic activity : 


As Congress debates extending the Payroll Tax Cut our Government, once again, is facing a shutdown. Once again we’re being held hostage by Norquist’s GOP and their pledge to never raise taxes (although he ever so graciously let them off the hook for raising taxes on the middle class). So what do the Democrats do? They cave, again, and say they’ll back off their insistence for paying for program by adding a surtax on millionaires… meaning the middle class will suffer the brunt of a program that was designed to help them and boost the economy.

Madness! But wait, there’s more….

In an attempt to push through the Keystone XL Pipeline, the Republicans are attaching it to the spending bill under the guise of jobs and energy independence. This pipeline will move Canada’s tar-sand oil to the Gulf Coast. Why so far? Well, that’s where the oil tankers are. That’s right, it’s not for us, has nothing to do with the payroll tax cut, and is another tax giveaway to big oil at the expense of our environment.

Norquist, his GOP, and that damn pledge is destroying our economy, our environment, and our government. This Garbage Day we must kick the deceit of the right’s wealthy overlords to the curb. This Madness is Trash.