This week’s episode of Work In Progress is a special look back at our first ten weeks. An I Told You Show where we listen as John and Brian have practically foretold the future of Main Stream News coverage often weeks before the televised talking heads have picked up on certain topics and talking points.

#10 – Work In Progress – I Told You Show

Our first reflective topic, from episode 4, concerns Herman Cain and the unavoidable crash and burn of his campaign. While Cain may have been a temporary alternative to sooth the GOP fear of Romney’s Mormonism, John and Brian argue that, ultimately, he never had a chance –

Our second reflective topic, from episode 5, concerns the 2012 election – namely, with the field of Republicans offering a slate of weak character and damaged reputations, who, if any, on this slate of third alternatives has the legs to beat President Obama

Our last topic, and the freshest, from episode 9, concerns national security problems that the US is having with China – reports are leaking out that China is not only quite successfully spying on the US via the internet, but that they are positioning themselves to buy companies that will make their job easier.