The GOP is trying to fleece Americans again. A new Bill is is working it's way through Congress that will further cut employees Social Security tax and even extend it to business's for the first million in payroll. This will help small business and people alike.

This plan isn't necessarily opposed by the GOP, but their spin machine is in full force. They want it to be "paid for" (which is a good thing) by the middle class (which is a bad thing). They are trying to suggest that this is more spending when it fact the Bill would be paid for by a 3% income tax on people making over a million dollars a year starting at income over $700k.

Everything the GOP does, from gutting and environmental and consumer protections to lowering taxes, their fight against immigration, and their attempts to legislate morality, are disguised attempts to make the rich richer. Even if it means raising the burden on the middle class, raising the national debt, borrowing more money, and completely destroying our country. 

GOP, meet Garbage Day. You're nothing but a pile of rancid trash.