Jake and Forrest join me in the Defenestrate Media Studios after being stood up by our beloved yet often absent Jason Williams for a rousing, bare knuckled, knock down, drag out episode of excellence.

From Ann Coulter and Mitt Romney, to Joe Walsh and yet another Mitt Romney – we cover the topics that other’s fear to face – and it’s pretty funny, too. Veterans vs the Military Industrial Complex, Truth vs Lies, Joe Walsh’s Family Values vs Joe Walsh’s ACTUAL FAMILY, Newt Gingrich’s Values vs Basic Common Decency, Mike Winder vs Reality and Paul Hunt vs A Retired Widow and the LDS Church.

This episode is bursting at the seams.

A new Working Family Agenda with Brian Faulkner and a shiny Bat Sh@t Crazy with Jason Williams.

All this and more –

#18 – The LEFT Show – The Giada Syndrome


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