Not even the most determined, most stubborn, pain in the ass 6 year old could achieve the 2 faced double standard, whiny, lying, weepy crying, pissy pants duplicity of today’s Republican Party. In specific this week, Lybia; but it’s an accurate painting for the whole insane mess that is the GOP.

The previous dictator of Lybia is dead, no matter how you spell his name.

Rick Perry – after lunch with Donald Trump – is now a birther again.

Some say that the Tea Baggers and the Occupy Protesters have a lot in common – well, they are also pretty dissimilar – we have a list!

We spend a couple of minutes talking about Utah’s Attorney Mark General Shurtleff.

Who is the best dressed GOP candidate?

Mark Cuban tells other billionaires to suck it up and quit whining!

A new Bat Shit Crazy with Jason Williams …

There is SO MUCH going on in this episode – it’s MADNESS!

14 – Judy? – The LEFT Show – Episode 14


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