This country is in terrible shape, and the Republican Party is poised to make it as bad as possible. Over the last few weeks, the right wing call for an end to food assistance programs has been growing louder and more fervent. One of the things that separates the American Poor from the Third World Poor is government assistance. It’s a part of our society that the right wing just can not stand.

This video is the saddest example of what our country is coming to.

This is an example of how far things have slipped.

No wonder the Republicans want to de-fund Public Television.

While the GOP in Washington DC keeps rabbit punching the American Economy so that they can take control of the White House next year, American Families are taking the brunt of the damage that those punches are causing.

While you may feel that both sides are to blame in the power struggle to run the Federal Government, one thing remains true: When Democrats run the show, poor kids get something to eat.

2012 is crucial year for this country. Don’t be distracted by GOP talking points.

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