It was the last week in September, and you know what that means… LOTS and LOTS of comics! Seriously, I bought 20 comics and we wind up talking about 14 of them in this podcast!

I don't talk to fish

We wind down the last of the 52 #1s from DC Comics and get JC’s take on the newAquamanThe Savage HawkmanBatman: The Dark KnightTeen TitansBlackhawks,All-Star Western, Justice League Dark, and Superman. Marvel gives us a couple of great “Point One” issues with Black Panther and New Avengers, Warren Ellis starts his run onSecret Avengers, and more in the life of the All-New Ultimate Spider-Man. And finally, IDW surprises us with Star Trek #1, taking JJ Abram’s crew where no-man (well, William Shatner) has gone before, by presenting the original series stories within the alternate timeline. Hey, what can I say? I’m excited for Who Mourns for Adonis and The Trouble With Tribbles. Jeff and Jon become Aquaman Fans (they hope), and Jeff speculates on the “no more trunks” meeting they must have had at DC.

All that and much much more!

Hold 322 Issue #2


Cartoon Network promo mocking Aquaman