Nearly THREE years after the start of the recession, Orrin Hatch’s Twitter-bot said something nice to me. This can’t be good for Uncle Orrin.

Not only did his Twitter-bot Intern reply to my tweet with less than the dripping scorn a Leftie with my status deserves, that same bot praised me for my complaint, admitted that the Senator’s office was REMISS (as hell) and claimed (we’ll check) to working on fixing the teeny tiniest of problems that I pointed out.

Don’t get me wrong – I know it’s his Twitter-bot Intern – I’m not about to try and smuggle a suitcase full of drugs into a Middle Eastern country (Only Uncle Orrin’s recording industry, drug dealing, record producers know he’s got their back on something like that) – but after ignoring me for going on two years now – how weird to not only get a response, but to have it be halfway kinda complimentary.

If I were one of those Tea-Party types, I’d be firing up their version of Windows Movie Maker (see what I did there?) and starting up an add about Uncle Orrin giving in to the reasonable bitching of a Left Wing Lunatic like myself.

Brave reply, anonymous Orrin Twitter-bot. Brave Reply indeed.

My reply tweet, in keeping with the theme of polite interchange, was all sweetness and light –

Well, I tried.