Jeff, Jake, Forrest, JC And Eric got together to bring you THIS: at long last, is our pre-recorded live show from Night Flight Comics on Library Square in Downtown Salt Lake City to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of Archie Comics. What a hot, sweaty good time we all had.

This is a longer show, and – here’s the rub – it’s not political except for a few bits at the beginning. This is a thick, sticky mess of talk about comics, movies, child literacy and locally owned small business.

We also had the privilege to interview the wonderful, beautiful and former school teacher (ul?) Co-CEO of Archie Comics, Nancy Silberkleit; Mimi Cruz from Night Flight Comics; Brady Canfield – writer of the fantastic comic Wombat-RUE and Felicia Canfield (his lovely wife), both operators of the local Brady Publishing and former Olympic skeleton … what … riders? Crazy people?

All that and more …!

Holy Crap Batman! The LEFT Show #6!



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And by Katherine Parkinson (whom I do love) I meant Kathleen Robinson.