Despite my involvement here, I’m not a Democrat.  I consider myself a fiscally conservative socially liberal American.  (*not to be confused with the bat-shit crazy and completely redefined GOP definition of either).  Sure, my politics are left leaning, but when someone’s politics are out of line with their morals I would think it would cause internal conflict. Instead it’s justified and I find that crazy.


I find it insane that America is embroiled over paying back money we’ve already spent. That spending less without bringing in more will fix it.  That small government means fewer people while expensive government contracts don’t count.  That education, infrastructure, healthcare, and research are considered waste.  The view that the GOP is a strict disciplinary father is something that needs to change, and President Obama COULD go a long way to changing it.  Seriously, is the GOP conservative and disciplined?  Sure, when it comes to abortion and gay rights (which I don’t see as a good thing), but that’s the extent of it.  They are not financially conservative (who was the last Republican President to balance the budget?) or socially conservative (since when do the needs of the few outweigh the needs of the many?). The GOP has become a cancer on, and in, the People.  There was a time when there was an ideological divide, but it’s gone far past that as we are now at war with ourselves.


President Obama was to be the one to make our country great again. He was the one to stand up to Corporations, Wall Street, Banks, Republicans, and yes, even Democrats (well, he’s done a lot of standing up to Democrats really).  As the fate of our Union hangs in the battle between the GOP and the tea party, he’s surrounded himself with a bunch of weak, selfish, tow the party line Asstards.


President Obama’s strength is his incredible ability to inspire people. He doesn’t need to yell in order to get his point across, rather just do what he does best. I see no reason why he should put up with the GOP calling the healthcare plan “Obamacare.” He submitted a bill that was less than 20 pages. When it came out it was over 1000 pages long. It’s more like corporate care really. Even now with the debt he’s letting them climb all over him when most of the increase under his was due to putting what Bush spent on the wars on the books, yet he says nothing. He goes out of his way to work with the Right and they use it against him. He can fight back by talking to the American people, without yelling, without pointing fingers, but through inspiration. Do I think that this would change immediate legislation?  No, but it could have a massive effect on the next election, and even more importantly the 2016 election. That is the man we elected, and I think it’s fair to expect that of him.


The point being it’s not a black and white world where there’s a right and wrong choice.  I know it sounds cheap to degrade politics to a game, but it’s just that.  It seems to me that President Obama has a perfectly stacked deck and is only playing with three cards.  I want, and I think the People need, him to put all his cards on the table, make us believe, and earn our respect.  He was handed the shittiest job in America.  And yes, it’s what he wanted.  Wrong place, wrong time.  This is where Hero’s are made, and America needs a Hero.  I don’t know if it will be him, but it could be if he’d just realize that the GOP has no interest in compromising and working together for the good of the American People.  This is not conservative, it’s radical.