From the pages (the letter to the editor section – ’cause you don’t see this kind of thing in the reporter section) of the Herald Journal

I just got an email newsletter from Orrin Hatch, bringing me up to date on what he’s been up to for the last couple of weeks. The headline of this Hatch dispatch was “Fighting Tax Increases,” and here is what he had to say on the topic: “Raising taxes isn’t the solution; it’s the problem. Raising taxes on hardworking Utah families and small businesses will only throw our country and economy further into decline, and prevent economic growth in America and Utah.”

Pretty typical Hatch – using words that mean something different than how he uses them:

Simply moving the upper tax bracket back from the current 35 percent to the 39.6 percent it was during the Bush years would generate $679.6 billion in new revenue over the next decade. That is a lot of money, and clearly not an imposition on “hardworking Utah families and small businesses.” Just think what a dent we could make in the deficit if we went back to the 50 percent rate of the Reagan era, the 70 percent of the Nixon era or (gasp) the 91 percent of the Eisenhower era!

See? Hatch is also a word for dishonest, uber-partisan D.C. resident.

No, Mr. Hatch and cronies. This is not about “hardworking Utah families and small businesses,” and it is high time you stop taking your electorate as gullible fools.

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The “News” media spends too much time “reporting” in a high school clique style of: “Did you hear the outrageous thing that [politician, tea bagger, fake libertarian, right wing wackado] said!?! Well, [target, punching bag, scapegoat] responded to the attack by saying ….!!!” instead of, like this READER, the Mighty Michael Timmons of Logan, doing the math of Orrin’s (and the rest) lies and reporting what a lying liar he [they] are.

Call, write, email and tweet your paper, radio and TV news departments and demand some actual journalism*.  Though, to be totally honest – I mostly blame TV and radio and their shitty reporting style – news in 20 seconds (seriously, how offensive is World In A Minute?) bumper sticker news for an apathetic viewership. Print journalism is just following behind the dumbing down of the American electorate curve caused by clueless and lazy programming and news directors who cave under the light pressure of their corporate owners.


*Yes, there are exceptions. I know a handful of talented, intelligent and dedicated reporters that are just a victimized as their readers. They should know who they are because I smile when I see them. 🙂

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