These are some ideas that have been floating around in my head and I just wanted to get down.  It’s a work in progress.  I don’t even know what I’ll do with it.


Please give me your thoughts and suggestions.   L ☂☽ V E



1. A Constitutional Amendment that:

(a) clearly defines a person as a living human being

(b) guarantees the right of every citizen to vote and that every vote be counted

(c) guarantees the right of workers to organize

(d) guarantees the right to have free access and transparency in all levels of government


{{why? because most of our problems have there roots in corporate personhood}}


2. A Constitutional Amendment for Peoples Rights that:

(a) guarantees the right to clean air, water, and food

(b) guarantees the right to a good education

(c) guarantees the right to single payer healthcare


{{why? because it’s inhumane not to}}


3. A complete overhaul of the Tax Code combining:

(a) oil, farm, and pharmaceutical subsidies

(b) closing loopholes that allow the exportation of profits

(c) closing loopholes that allow the financial industry to be taxed at a much lower rate

(d) defining that a small business is based on income, not the number of people.


{{why? because our financial problems aren’t just spending, it’s income as well}}


4. Bring the cost of Healthcare down by:

(a) pinning medicare/medicaid spending directly to the cost of living

(b) electronic records

(c) better regulation and oversight of all insurance and pharmaceutical companies


{{why? because we’re being raped. we pay way too much for what we get}}


5. Reduce Government Spending by:

(a) all spending must benefit people as defined by #1

(b) the application of #4

(c) putting an end to no-bid contracts in all levels of government

(d) eliminate private service side contractors in the military


{{why? because we don’t need to spend as much and we can get more for what we do spend}}


6. Legislation laws that require:

(a) all legislation introduced must be written by elected officials

(b) all bills must be read and submitted to public opinion before they can be voted on

(c) no exception clauses or immunities in any law


{{why? because corporate lawyers shouldn’t be writing laws}}