Revolution is coming to America, can you feel it?


The middle class is all but defeated. We’re told the economy is getting better because Wall Street is seeing record profits. The cost of food, gas, and other essentials are rising to record highs. Our government is working feverishly to cut social programs that will only serve to make things worse and weaken our country. The rich are lining their pockets on the backs of the poor. We have been deceived, distracted, and divided. This is devastating, but there is hope….


Reagan Republicans are waking up to realize that trickle down economics hasn’t worked. The truth about corporate tax dodging is spreading. People are coming together and making their voices heard. Union workers and supporters, U.S. Uncut, and civil rights protests are gaining ground even in the face of defeat. Even some tea party supporters have opened their eyes to the truth, that government alone isn’t the problem. Lefty Extremists are are beginning to see that business alone isn’t to blame. From the Right to the Left we all know that a corporation is NOT a person and we all know that the collusion between government and business has torn this country apart and it’s currently hanging by a thread.


This Garbage Day the question at hand isn’t IF change is coming as we all know it is. The question is what will you do when it hits? Will you watch it from your couch? Will you wax poetic about it on your blogs, your Facebook, and your twitter? Or will you do what patriots in our country have always done? What our grandparents, their grandparents before them, and again to the very beginning have done? Will you fight for what you’ve been given? For the right as a citizen to pursue the American dream of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness for ALL.