I’m on one, I guess.

A little nostalgia led me to a dead blog where I watched something that tickled a dead part of me. Hope.

WTF is wrong with the left: Progressives, Liberals – Democrats – that our leaders give up the fight so quickly? That they shove aside those with the fire to fight back against the right wing’s oppression of freedom; that they ostracize those who fear frailty, and weakness, and subservience – most especially when it comes to protecting those in our country and our states, our counties, towns and neighborhoods who need it? Why do we, this radical fringe, keep voting for these squishy centrists who wet themselves every time a GOPper says “Boo?”



It doesn’t make sense to me that my party had nearly no presence during this year’s legislative session. AWOL. It was worse than sad, it was intolerable … and yet – no one is calling for heads to roll, no one is pounding their fists with rage that our legislators are, for the most part, content to play the GOP games on the hill. The worst election year in decades for Utah Democrats and it’s all still go along to get along – don’t rock the boat. Someone should be ashamed …. but that takes a certain self awareness that seems all but forgotten.