Utah Senate Democrats released a statement after news that A) Craig Frank has really terrible map reading skills and B) The Utah GOP and their puppet Governor want to hold a Special Session so that Frank can keep his seat … the one that he doesn’t get to have because he lives in the wrong place and can’t read a map. (Nor, I might add, can anyone in the Lt. Governor’s office OR – adding insult to injury – any of the Democratic Candidates who’ve run against him.)

ALSO – if  “Pathfinder” Frank was illegally in the seat, then wasn’t he casting votes illegally for 2 years?

From the Senate Dems

“In light of today’s events, it is unfortunate that Representative Frank had to be removed from office. We recognize his many years of service and appreciate his honesty in bringing this issue forward.

The Utah Constitution provides the requirements to run for office and, clearly, Representative Frank was ineligible to hold the seat in House District 57.

We believe it would not be good public policy for the Governor to call a special legislative session to redraw boundary lines for any one particular member of the body.

We are certain there are many other qualified candidates who live within the boundaries of District 57 who could ably serve those citizens.

We understand there is a process for the delegates in District 57 to select a replacement, and we expect that process to move forward.”