Everybody’s talking about Federal tax cuts.  Who gets them and who doesn’t.  Do we keep them or not.  Either way, it’s a band-aid on Americas economic disaster.  It doesn’t create jobs.  It increases our debt.  And even worse, it is the distraction of our time.  Tax cuts will be on our minds, dividing us more than we already are, right through the 2012 elections.  A 2-year extension?  Are you buying this?

We all want the same things:  To have a home.  To marry the person we love.  To have a job that at a minimum provides a living wage.  To worship as we see fit.  To have the ability to protect our family.  We have more in common with each other than not.  The problem is we’re purposefully and intentionally distracted by people who already have money.  Whose only objective is power.  It’s Corporate America who runs our country, not the people we vote in and out of office.

We need to come together despite our petty differences.  We need solutions, not band-aids.  We can’t allow ourselves to be distracted anymore.  Our country is falling apart but together we can heal it.  It’s Garbage Day, and if we don’t wake up soon we’ll all end up in the trash.