“You’ve never disputed any of the facts Gary,” said Corroon.

“We’ve disputed a lot of the conclusions,” replied Herbert.

– In my humble opinion, the reason that Herbert has disputed the conclusion (thus accepting the questioned behavior) is that he has trouble understanding WHY what he and his administration does should be causing any stir at all.

It’s another Nixon “If the president does it, that means it’s not illegal.”

It’s a sense of entitlement that runs rampant in the upper echelon of Utah Government. Bribes, double dealing, back room fixes and pay-to-play revolving doors are how this administration (and several of the majority leaders in the legislature) get things done.  They feel entitled to do these things, because they’re in charge. This sense of of entitlement is the biggest single motivating factor in their angry fighting of real ethical reform in Utah: they don’t see anything unethical in how they do business.

OBLIGATORY SNARK: I think the reason Herbert’s so mad at Corroon is NOT that Blagojevich is a dirty, unethical scumbag – but because he’s a Democrat.

[UPDATED] – Todd Weiler from Davis County pointed out that “moments” was the wrong word to explain Herbert and the gang – So, thanks to him, I changed it to fixation – even though FETISH would be the best word. Thanks, Todd!