Dear Fair Boundaries supporter,

Last week, several legislators launched an all out assault on the initiative process, and your right to play an equal part in the governance of your state.

Senator Howard Stephenson, sponsor of SB275, claimed his signature removal bill is an “assault on hucksters.”  But several of his Republican colleagues made it clear who the real target is: You! Suggesting petition signature gatherers use “subterfuge” and “deceit,” and that you have been “bamboozled,”* they sent a clear message:

They are scared!  They are willing to do everything within their power to keep Fair Boundaries off the ballot!

It’s time to double our efforts and fight even harder to make our voices heard.

Legislators know that if we are successful they will have to draw district boundaries based on what is best for you instead of what ensures their re-election, and they made it clear last week they are willing to make this fight personal to stop us!

It’s time to turn up the pressure!

Please take a moment and forward this message to 5 friends right now!  Make sure everyone you know has an opportunity to read the initiative and add their name — in person or online.

It’s time to act!

Thanks for all you do,
The Fair Boundaries Team

* Deseret News: Democrats, GOP Spar over initiatives