They scrubbed the page, no more mention of James O’Keefe anywhere.

I’m glad I got a couple of screen grabs.

I stand by my statement that James Evans would have been much faster at destroying the evidence and making spirited and overheated denials that they’d ever invited him in the first place.

From the SLTrib:

As of Tuesday night, the party’s Web site,, still advertised O’Keefe as the guest speaker for the Feb. 4 Lincoln Day Dinner. His topic was to be “his national exposé of ACORN’s unethical behavior, his changes in Congress and [how he will] inspire our Party’s passion for a grassroots comeback.” [emphasis mine]

The fundraising announcement said donations of $4,000 to $7,500 would entitle contributing groups to have access to elected Republican officials and the guest speaker at a VIP reception. Wright said the Web site and other promotions would be altered soon to reflect a change.

“We’re disappointed,” he said of O’Keefe’s arrest on felony charges. “He doesn’t necessarily represent the Republican Party.”

Tee Hee. Of course he doesn’t represent the Republican Party. O’Keefe committed the GOP’s most hated sin – he got caught.