Go sign the Fair Boundaries Initiative petition now. Your vote is your voice. With only days until the start of the legislative session, you can send a clear message to our representatives and the power brokers demanding to have your voice heard by signing the Fair Boundaries petition…ONLINE!

No hassle. You don’t have to hunt down a petition, simply CLICK HERE and follow the steps. Even if you think you’ve already signed a paper copy, check the site to make sure we have your name.

We want Fair Boundaries to hit its target of 95,000 signatures during this legislative session, and with your help, we can!

This year the Utah State Legislature will begin the statewide process of redrawing congressional and legislative district boundaries. Without your signature, politicians will continue to meet behind closed doors and protect their own political agendas without having to worry about repercussions, challenges from other candidates or the will of the people. If we don’t get the Fair Boundaries Initiative on the ballot, it’s quite possible that your vote WON’T COUNT for future state and local issues that matter to you most. We have an opportunity to change this process. Don’t be fooled by the detractors, this is an issue of fairness that crosses all party lines and affects everyone. Your signature will help tell your state officials that we, the people, want a more open and honest government.

Do you think your vote should count? Do you think politicians should NOT select their voters? Help us send a clear message to the Utah State Legislature that we need a change in our current redistricting process.


After signing – send this on to family and friends throughout the state.

If you have questions, please visit