Heh… funny. From THR, esq:

Interesting bit of irony here.

Frederick Huntsberry, COO of Paramount, recently took the FCC through a step-by-step instruction on how to illegally download copyrighted movies.

“We’ve seen a huge development shift in piracy,” Huntsberry said at a hearing convened to discuss a national broadband plan. “If you go back a few years… you had to be computer literate as a user. Today, anybody can pirate a movie.”

Paramount then allegedly told the FCC that Huntsberry’s public presentation was company property and that the agency shouldn’t post the speech on its website for fear it “could possibly encourage the kind of behavior that the video describes.”

Telling the FCC to treat Huntsberry’s presentation differently than others seems to have backfired. Soon after the conference, Public Knowlege released this low-resolution video of what Huntsberry had to say.