Because the truth, you know, has a liberal slant.

Great Video.

I don’t recall being up in arms about Bush trying to brain wash children into believing that his unfunded mandate called No Child (Not) Left Behind wasn’t going to utterly obliterate the educational tradition of actually teaching to children. When my son came home, after hearing from President Bush, and asked me about it, we sat down at the computer and researched it; read from both sides and, basically, let my son find his own way through to the conclusion that instead of LEARNING he’d be training to take tests (he’s always been precocious).

It would have been a lot easier to pinch a tissy and picket the school – but, as I’m not mentally deficient, brain damaged or a Republican – I instead chose to let my son have the opportunity to learn, and decide, for himself, because he wouldn’t be getting that in a school in Utah.